Web Based Fire Alarm System Reporting
SmartWatch, as a strategic partner with BuildingReports.com, provides automated ... web-based reporting for the test, inspection, maintenance and verification of your facility fire safety systems.  All of your buildings can now be managed from any computer connected to the Internet.

Control panels, detectors, manual pull stations, audio/visual devices, flow & tamper connections and all other Fire Alarm System life safety devices are bar coded and scanned with a PDA for real time reporting and verification of complete test & inspection.  Full NFPA certifications are available on line as well as other information including system deficiency reports, device recall info, and several additional valuable tools to help building personnel manage facilities more accurately and efficiently.

About BuildingReports.com

BuildingReports introduced the first web-based inspection reporting system in 1999. Today it operates the world's largest network of independent service organizations and facility managers performing inspections in thousands of buildings in the US, Canada and Mexico. BuildingReports provides mobile, wireless workforce applications that can be accessed using any standard Internet browser. BuildingReports customer base includes Fortune 100 companies, federal and local government agencies, and over 170 independent service and maintenance organizations worldwide.

Web-based inspection and compliance reporting eliminates paper systems by providing a 100% digital inspection process. It also provides verification and authentication of inspection data. Building owners can access inspection reports on any building or group of buildings in real-time using any standard Internet browser. The data can be downloaded in a variety of formats including MS Access, MS Excel or any standard data format using XML.

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Question:  How does a building owner manage a multitude of different systems and devices in their building(s), is there a inventory list  available for every device in each building?
Answer:  Most property owners will not know how many devices are in their building(s).  Our inspections provide a detailed report itemizing the exact quantities of devices installed by device type, manufacturer, model number, date of installation, and physical location.

Question: How does a building owner verify the work on completed inspections?
Answer:  Some building owners have in-house engineering staff or other personnel accompany inspectors to ensure that each device is inspected.  Most building owners don't have the time, resources, or personnel to monitor inspectors, but still wonder if everything is being properly inspected and tested.  Inspection reports list the exact time and date an inspector was at and scanned each device, and authentication of all building inspection data is verified by BuildingReports.com

Question:  How long after an inspection does it take to receive a report?
Answer:  Most service companies complete a printed document that takes several days and in many cases up to a month or more before delivery to the building owner.  Due to the double entry element, these reports are likely to contain errors.  The Palm PDA method of entering data provides a single data entry element, and the inspection reports are available immediately after the inspection.

Question:  How does a building owner review, store and access inspection reports?
Answer:  On-line inspection reports are available for viewing,downloading, printing and emailing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Question:  How does a building owner get notified of recalls by manufacturers of equipment in their building?
Answer:  BuildingReports frequently checks the online database provided by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Upon a specific device recall,  BuildingReports will cross-section a search in their internal database to notify building owners and service companies of recall notices affecting them.
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BuildingReports.com Releases FireScan 2.0

Online inspection reporting system allows fire alarm and life safety service companies and facility owners to access critical life safety compliance data in real-time, using any standard internet browser

Duluth, GA – March 15, 2004 – BuildingReports.com has released the latest version of the popular online reporting system for buildings, FireScan 2.0 The system allows for automation of fire alarm and life safety inspections with easy-to-use Palm OS handheld devices. Users synchronize their inspections with powerful web-based data reporting servers to provide a 100% digital process that eliminates paper systems entirely.

Users of the new system—which include Fortune 100 companies, local and federal government agencies, independent service organizations, and thousands of building owners and property managers across North America—can view information online, and download their data and reports for offline viewing in a variety of popular programs including MS Office, HTML, XML, and other open, non-proprietary formats.

FireScan 2.0 new features include:

  • The ability to perform comprehensive evacuation signaling sound tests that record ambient and alarm decibel levels, including voice intelligibility readings.
  • The ability to perform inspections on smoke control systems and stairwell pressurization for smoke free emergency evacuation.
  • New interactive online content that enables online viewers of reports to access additional information by using hyperlinks.
  • Embedded codes and standards from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) enhance reports by providing full text code reference to discrepancies.
  • Links devices that are under manufacturer recall to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for more information on the product recall.
  • Over 50 new devices in seven categories have been added, including 14 new auxiliary functions such as elevator recall, building automation, and programmable relays.
  • New addressable/zone reporting feature for integration of data from analog addressable control panels.
  • The web-based system allows service organizations and building owners to each utilize the technology simultaneously. This comprehensive solution reduces the high cost of ownership for licensing and implementation across diverse platforms and users.
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