--> Orlando & Florida Construction Site Security Surveillance Camera Mobile Trailer System / Central Florida, North Florida
Remote Police and Construction site Video Surveillance CCTV security cameras in Orlando, Central Florida, North Florida

Main Features

  • A Completely Portable Self-Contained Unit
  • Wireless Communication through Cellular Networks
  • Up to 15 Day Independent Power Supply with Solar Panel
  • Small Trailer Design for Easy Towing
  • Full Anti-Theft Systems including Wheel Clamps and GPS


  • Dual Weatherproof Pan Tilt Zoom Dome Cameras
  • Day/Night Operation for Consistant Performance
  • Cameras Automatically Track Moving Objects - Auto Zoom!
  • 30' Telescoping Mast for Full Area View!
  • 26X Optical, and 12X Digital Zoom for Close Identification


  • High Performance Spread Spectrum Radio with 30 Mile Radius
  • Cellular Technology allows View and Control from PC with Internet and Software
  • Capable of Linking to Securitas Live 24/7 Monitoring Service

Video Recording

  • On-Board Video Server
  • Store up to 28 Days of Full Recorded Video

The NetVision Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer system will minimize losses due to theft or vandalism or it can aid law enforcement and security personnel as a tool to curb unruly behavior at events or demonstrations. The system is designed for construction site surveillance, law enforcement, safety training, investigations, police, private security and parking lot security.
Rechargeable Battery Powered
Surveillance Trailer by NetVision
with Solar Assist - up to 15 Day Run Time!
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  30' Telescoping Mast
  Self Contained Electronics
  Battery Bank
  Tire clamps for added security
  Construction site surveillance
  Event Monitoring
  Crisis Management Tool
Extreme Zoom and
Object Tracking ability
Info presented on this page used with permission of NetVision.
SmartWatch Security & Sound in an authorized and certified distributor for NetVison products.
Police and Municipalities

... are taking advantage of video surveillance technology.  By deploying remote video surveillance units, you now have the capability to monitor an entire parade route or sporting event from one or more centralized locations.  The controls and image capture quality of our cameras is so advanced that operators have the ability to track and direct security ground personnel to specific targets in large crowded areas.

Whether a crisis or event is natural or man-made, you want to be able to view situations and effectively manage people on the ground for the best possible solution.  A birds-eye view from the two security cameras 30’ high give you the best vantage point by removing obtrusions and obstacles that would normally hamper the human eye or views from lower vantage points.  By removing the human element you get real time, reliable information.  Remote capabilities helps provide safety and protection of those involved.
Construction Site Management

The NetVision Remote Video Surveillance trailer is a useful tool for construction site management. Our unit allows you to monitor worker effeciency and productivity, as well as prevent accidents or mishaps by ensuring all staff are abiding by all health and safety regulations.

Where managers had to frequently visit sites and projects first hand to determine productivity, they can now monitor multiple sites from the comfort of their office using the included remote access tools

Loss Prevention
Although theft accounts for 50% of all losses at construction sites, loss comes in many forms including vandalism, natural damage (flood, earthquake, etc.) accidental and fire damage. Our system which is quite visible acts as a deterent for would be thieves and vandals.

During off-peak hours it can be remotely monitored by Securitas who will contact local authorities in your area for quick response apprehension. Events are stored so that any events, theft, accidents or equipment damage can be investigated without bias.

Just the facts...
  • 500 pieces of equipment go missing each week
  • Only 10-15% is ever recovered
  • Approx 70% of owners experience equipment theft
  • Theft accounts for 50% of all equipment losses
  • Skid Steers, tractors and backhoes account for approx 70% of stolen vehicles

  • View locations from a safe distance
  • Monitor and control multiple remote surveillance trailers simultaneously
  • Recorded video can be valuable for training purposes
  • 26x zoom allows controllers to track individuals for apprehension

  • Short Term or Temporary Surveillance Applications
  • Special Event Monitoring; Sporting Events, Parades
  • Reduce Construction Site Theft!
  • Save Thousands from Stolen Materials
  • Portable Design for Rapid Deployment
  • Demo Available
  • Purchase or Lease to Own

Remote Police, Municipality and Construction site Video Surveillance CCTV security cameras in Orlando, Central and North Florida
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